Testimonials by Satisfied Customers

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

*A friend of mine stopped in for a cup of coffee one day and handed me a flyer about a free business seminar that was going to be given for 3 nights at the Point Pleasant library and would I be interested in going? I was under the impression that I knew all there was to know about business, and what would I really learn in 3 nights. Well the answer is after listening to Tony talk about buying, selling, and all the other business subjects for 3 nights I’ve come to the understanding how much I was lacking in the real world of small business experience. Tony is the most knowledge person about small businesses you will ever want to meet, call him and see what I me talking about.

Bridgette Symanski –Café De Point, Point Pleasant NJ.

*I would like to thank Tony Pezza for all of his assistance in helping me to set up my marketing, and pricing my product for retail, and wholesaling to the open market. I would recommend Tony to any small business owner, or new start-up business owner on how to be successful, and profitable. Tony has an extensive business background, and the knowledge to help any business owner. Thanks again Tony

Ryan McIntyre- Bayville Deli and Sandwich Shop Highlands NJ

*I am a retired attorney and have been for a number of years, and my practice was in the Real State market, both commercial and business sales, which included leases, and business contracts. I sometimes think that Tony knew more about writing a business sales contract than I did. There are certain terms that should be incorporated into an agreement to protect both the seller, and the buyer depending on who is the attorney’s client, and to avoid any court action against either party. And no one really wins except the fees paid to the attorneys. If you are a business owner his knowledge of small business will save your investment, and your credit future by many of 1000’s of dollars, Let me give just one example of saving that Tony taught me and that is when inventory is involved in transferring be sure the product is in saleable condition.

Jeff Connors- Attorney at Law, Retired

*I first meet Tony when he was working for a Real Estate company selling businesses, and commercial properties. He listed my deli to be sold, but I could not find right selling price to make it salable, and still make a profit. After sitting down with Tony and going over all the options he showed me how to reach a fair price, and still earn a high profit. I was the owner of two locations Sandwich Board Deli, and Lavallette Deli, and without his business experience who knows if I would have made the right decision.

Fred Kohen-Kohen’s Deli. Atlantic Highlands NJ

*Last night was very informative. In case you weren’t able to tell from the lively crowd. Please keep me posted on any future dates that I could set aside to attend your next workshop.

Heera Sidhu-Real Estate America Professionals