How to Purchase a Business, With Little Money

How to Purchase a Business with Little or No Money Down

Business Solutions to Success

In this full one day FREE seminar, you will learn the practical step-by-step techniques that you can use to acquire small businesses using little or none fo your own money! You wil receive information about:

  • the advantages of buing an existing buisness instead of starting a new one
  • how to do your due diligence to evaluate the business
  • how to determine the value of the business
  • when to acquire the business
  • how to negotiate the best deal
  • how to structure the acquisition
  • how to close the deal
  • how to finance the acquisition
  • how to sell the busines for a huge profit

This seminar is being presented by Mr. Anthony L. Pezza, founder of American Standard Businesses llc, who has more than 50 years of experience in buying, selling, and the direct owner of 100's businesses. In a large number of his buisness purchases, he used little or none of this own cash! During this time, he also was involved in providing small business education and counseling to 1000's of business owners since 1975.

So, if you ever thought of owning one or more small businesses that will give you the independence, lifestyle and the wealth you desire. You should sign up for thie Free 2 hour Online webinare! Register now! Air time is limited! 732-232-4633 contact number.

Email: tonysmallbusinessgames@outlook.com