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Disclaimer for Financial Services Programs

The information contained on this site, and in our written pages and available programs that may be ordered from this site, and are to be used for informational purposes only, and may not apply to your personal needs or business intents. The author, publisher, distributor and provider, offer no warranty about the content or the accuracy of the performance.

Neither the owner nor, its associates, or any of their associated personnel shall not be liable for any loss of profits, or any other commercial damages resulting from the use of these products. The financial offerings, and funding, accepted from the website are generated through a third party, and not directly from American Standard Businesses llc.

The income examples related to success offered on this website and in our manuals are just that examples of potential earnings. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. It is the understanding that each individual’s success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, background, efforts, and motivation to achieve success in the world of business. There are no guarantees that you will duplicate any of the results stated herein. You as a purchaser recognize that all business endeavors have an inherent risk for the loss of invested capital and future earnings.

American Standard Properties and Businesses llc. Makes no guarantee of success, as all businesses will differ from each other, based on income and profits. All of our business educational classes, and all of the materials offered is a guide to assist you towards a successful business future. And any approved financial loans received of a third party to the applicant is the sole responsibility of the borrower to satisfy the debt due to its fullest.

The enclosed materials are meant not to mislead, but to enhance your business knowledge, and help you be successful in the world of small business. The enclosed materials explain why failure rates exceed 43%. Most businesses fail due to the business owner’s lack of knowledge, and experience.

We offer 50 years of small business knowledge, but this is no guarantee of success. You, as an entrepreneur, must take responsibility for your actions and should not become dependent on others to solve any of your business problems. The most successful business owners plan to succeed, not plan to fail. Guaranteed success is only achieved through hard work, business marketing, and proper funding. And our loan program is the responsibility of the borrower to make the proper judgment in the amount funds requested.

**We offer a money back guaranteed on all services with no questions asked. However as we offer our services guaranteed, and support the client to succeed, and to be successful, the client MUST insert his ability, effort, drive, and interest to qualify for our guaranteed refund policy. The client must also work his normal, and standard weekly work hours, and days on the job. If a client tends not to support these terms under these conditional, the client could void this form of guarantee. Also the client must follow the instructional program as given to the client by American Standard Businesses llc.

Thank You, From the Management.